Celebrity madness

June 16, 2009

Oh dear, I just witnessed 5 minutes of E Entertainment TV, probably 5 minutes more than any person should ever have to bear. They where discussing the terrible incident of the Miley Cyrus nose ring, the shock the horror! How dare she, she is only 16, what will “people” think!?! Blah f’ing blah!


Is this really what the world has come to, do we really need to sit behind a TV in the comfort of our own homes and analyse the lives of socalled celebrities? I mean really, I wonder if people even acknowledge what their own kids are up to? Perhaps I should start a personal daily 10 for people at home (at a fee), everything your child has been up to for the last 24 hours on one DVD, perhaps people will then start worrying about important things… I mean, lookie its on the telly darling!

Jeez people, seriously?