*Initialising Rant*


Ja boet Nic. I see you are getting a little fedup around people blogging about blogging. I have long since realised the bloody exact same thing. Why do you oldschoolers out there think I canned the Geekspin blog and had the bastard thing taken over by 1000’s of spam comments and crap?

I got tired, moeg. Siek.

I wish there where some more decent blogs out there, you know the real ones. Written by REAL people with REAL passions. Like this one by Pia, . (Well done pia, btw).

THAT my friends is exactly what blogging is about, lets not bullshit ourselves into thinking that the little group of flame slinging techies blogging about blogging and twittering about twitter is where its at. Nay, that’s just the useless early adopter circle. Friends, Web 2.0 and the whole of silicon valley is all a farce, 98% of this crap means nothing to the other millions of people on this planet. Nada. *gasp*

Nasty words for the day: Self-entitlement, Self-righteousness, Egotistical, Egomaniac, Choirpreaching, Insignificance. There put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Ok ok. Calm down children. Some of you I am interested in hearing what you are saying so I read and chime in to the never ending circlejerk. If you are actively involved at engineering the space then you get a free ticket to join, like me. But the rest of the planet doesn’t give a damn (insert alternative four letter word here).


*Rant complete*