I have tried to listen to audiobooks on a few occasions, but that ended up being a complete failure when I realised that not unlike the famous myth, and all those smart quips I have had to eat from wife for years, the rumor is dreadfully true, men can NOT multi-task!

Silently I have lusted after the carefully selected “Book picks” on TWIT, knowing deep down that slapping together an epic page of computer prose in PHP and surfing the records of a SQL database like a dashing keyboard cowboy whilst listening to an audiobook means that you end up missing four chapters and wasting 20 minutes of your short and precious life trying to find the last known sentence still captured in the cobwebby reprieve of you subconscious brain.

Alas the spoken wordy goodness of the audiobook was something I could admire from afar! Oh cruel world!

Then one day while acting as a passenger on my hourly commute, I realised that due to my lift club situation I am wasting nearly two hours of my life every business day doing little but listening to the annoying grovel of drive time DJ’s and old Backstreet Boys hits. The lightbulb switched on at last!

Ok, so now I had the time, but where to source the books? I could join audible.com sure, but I am a cheapskate and I would rather use that money to sponsor my afternoon snack. Much better to use the money to expand the waistline than the brain I say..

So a little digging has revealed some reliable sources of good free books to get started on, though once these are depleted everything points towards that dreaded audible subscription and the unfortunate sacrifice of a fair amount of Dr. Peppers and franks for mid afternoon snack.

Right now I am delving into the decent selection of books over at Podiobooks, these are free, but I urge you to donate something to the writer and staff if you like the book, as I intend to start doing (infernal maxed credit card). Earthcore cover Right now I am downloading and “reading” (is it reading? or is it listening? heck I dunno the lines are blurred!!) a novel by Scott Sigler, its his first podcast novel and its called Earthcore and I find it thoroughly enjoyable. Scott has written a handful of books and they all seem promising.

Another possible source is Podshow Press, an initiative by Podshow to get some decent young writers published with 100% royalty to the writers. These books are published exclusively on the Podshow website.

Thats it, I am looking forwards to hours and hours of entertainment, funny, I don’t mind that long commute so much anymore?