There’s a worrying article on Valleywag on possible issues at Podango, this following in the wake of 20 Podshow employees getting laid off two weeks ago. The Podshow layoff’s where confirmed and explained away by John C. Dvorak on a recent episode of TWIT, he’s take was that the staff has become redundant since completing a major round of development. Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

Granted, Valleywag can hardly be called a reliable source, but I suggest keeping a close eye on this. Everyone is feeling the strain of the apparent US recession, and this could just be the slow meltdown leading on to the current bubble bursting.
I do however believe that the face of podcasting has changed over the last year, its no longer really the “voice of the people”, and people are realising that unless you are really good at what you do, you are going to battle making a living of this.
Rather its going to develop into just another delivery mechanism and those that people want to listen too will position themselves accordingly in the market. More of a traditional media pattern than the golden ticket everyone was looking for perhaps?

I will be monitoring this story closely, I really hope its all just stupid rumors, but can’t shake this feeling of dread.