Twitter’s cool right? Yeah, when its up. The general consensus is that its reaching the end of the road as far as the cognitive dissonance rope left to the users of the servers.

What’s next? A suggestion? Make the “microblog-o-sphere” open, get a solid PHP based platform down and use the strength of the community to ensure a reliable code base.

Enters Laconica .. ta-da!

Laconica (wiki) is a tidy little opensource alternative to Twitter and a number is installations have cropped up including which seems to be the current flavor of the moment.

What about scalability I hear you ask? One word answer. Federation, Laconica aims to distribute the microblogging experience by federating across any number of installs, this would allow one to say create an fairly focused community on one service but allow the ability to track friends using other similar installs, thus removing the immediate load on any one server and having the conversation continue in some form if one of the points do go down. (Caveat: I have not seen this in action myself, so I hope that it works as well in practice as it sounds in theory)

I have created an account, now just waiting for some people to talk too. Add me plz: