“Conrad Strydom is a South African born internet media mogul and author extraordinare (published in 37 languages). He is most famous as Africa’s youngest multi billionaire.”

JUST KIDDING! Hey, if you are gonna lie make it a good one! In all seriousness I am just a normal born and bred South African, based in Cape Town, PHP Developer, that likes to keep his ear on the latest Tech and New Media gossip and news. And hey, lets have some fun while we are at it.

On my blog I will, with hopefully increasing frequency, post things that interest me from time to time. You will not find any breaking news here or life altering tech musings, but maybe, just maybe you will find something that keeps you entertained and distracts you from what you really should be doing for a couple of minutes.

Add me to Twitter: conradstrydom

Now stop wasting time and get back to work!

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