Was lusting for some French Italian fusion and had a pile of potatoes lying around, so invented a quick recipe.

Sloppy plating effort, but yum!

Sloppy plating effort, but yum!

Came out pretty well, this works beautifully as a side dish with some lamb or other meat and taste’s best after allowing it to cool down a bit and have the flavours blend and mellow a little. No little packets of powder required for this one, but you could mix in some mushroom soup powder with the cream for some extra punch!


12 Medium Potatoes
2 Medium Onions
1 Can Tomato (400g drained)
1 Tub of Ricotta Cheese
400g soft Mozzarella Cheese
400g Mature Cheddar Cheese, grated
500ml Fresh Cream
Handful of fresh sweet basil
2 Cloves garlic
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper

2 cups cornflakes -> optional

Getting ingredients together

Getting ingredients together


I use a flat bottom potjie (cast iron pot/dutch oven) to cook this with the lid on, but you could also use a fireproof dish covered with some foil.

Slice the onions into fine slices.

Slice the potatoes into max 5mm slices.

Chop the basil leaves and garlic, combine with a few tablespoons of olive oil
with some salt and a teaspoon of origanum, bash a little (use a mortar and pestle if you have one).

Drain the juice from the tomatoes and mix in with the basil and garlic mix.

Layer potatoes with the onions and tomatoes (break the tomatoes a little),
adding cheese (alternating between mozzarella and Ricotta) between your layers.
Do 3 layers or so leaving enough potato to cover the top, finish by placing the grated Cheddar on top.

Add salt and pepper between layers to taste.

Pour the 500ml Cream into your container.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 deg C for 90-110 minutes until potatoes are soft and cooked through,
test by passing a baking needle or thin knife through to the bottom, there should be little to no resistance.


Crush 2 cups of Korn Flakes and mix in with half a cup of olive oil,
spread on the surface of the dish during the last 20 minutes of baking and leave uncovered.



That’s it enjoy!


I love Steri Stumpie

June 15, 2009

Seriously, it’s no lie.

This is what I am thinking on my day off (thank goodness for tuesday holidays = looong weekends) as I am slowly sipping a perfectly chilled chocolate stumpie. Some might crack a beer to sip on the couch, but me, I crack a Stumpie. hmmmm.sterisite_640

The last week or so I have been dragging the occasional Steri Stumpie to work, much to the dismay of my colleagues who tell me its not the manliest thing to be seen drinking behind your desk. I think they may just be jealous, envy is such a nasty thing. If you don’t have anything good to say you’d better just ‘sharrup’, so there you bastards!

*Sip*, hmm velvety chocolate delight.

Funny I was “off the stump” for a long time, you see I had a short affair with Super M from Clover, but that ended in tears, tragic really. Then as if the planets aligned in just the right way I spot this case of 24 Chocolate Steri Stumpies in Makro and through a combination of blind lust and price miscalculation I tossed the case in my trolley and wham, 13.5 bottles later and I am hooked.

One sec … Bloody hell, that was a good sip …

stumptwitter_640I see there is a social media campaign brewing for the elixer of the gods over at http://www.steristumpie.com/ you can become an “Ambassador” if you perform some wacked out stuff on video using a Steri Stumpie .. hmm .. maybe later, I am enjoying this bloody milkie too much. Oh I see there’s a twitter account as well .. cool .. @Steri_Stumpie.

You know what life is good, who needs the Land of Milk and Honey? SA is the land of MILK, that’s good enough for me.

Now my only worry is to remember to get a new case before I run out!! Erk.

So things are laaik lank toight out there when it comes to money and spending. I have had to park my 4×4 permanently cuase of rising fuel prices and now only get to play on weekends. Jissie I mean have you checked the price of food lately?

SA Ronds

SA Ronds

So lastnight I tune I wanna see how cheaply I can make dinner so I tried this recipe of Annette Human (nogal from “Huisgenoot Mikrogolf Wenresepte”) in the microwave (cuase its more energy efficient and I call my Microwave Bob). This stuff is called “Melkkos” (boere resep you see) and its basically Milk with some flour and butter and salt and cinnamon and sugar and its cheap. So it was like R10 for three people to scoff kief. Cheap bru..

So I started checking around what else I can score cheaply and as I look on the Internet I spot the Americans reckon that console sales how spiked last month, flying in the face of the socalled worldwide recession.

Wii Oom en Tannie

Wii Oom en Tannie

Check, things stand like this. We as humans smaak to be entertained, a lot. So we do lots of braais, beers, movies, chicks and other kark like that. Obviously that means groot kark for our bank manager in times like these where things are going vrot with the Ripple rate (Re.. , Reppe.. Rep .. ag whatever you know what I mean).

So now these clever consumers check that if you buy like a Wii (nee sies man) or a Xbox (EksD**s) or a PS3 (Again with the Pee) then you can save tons of cash in the long run cuase you will be too busy tagging tango’s in the conflict zones of the middle-east (huh!?).

Interesting hey? Now I am wondering about that new HD Decoder from LotsOfChoice … hmmmmmm