Who’s the coolest guy on the internet?

February 10, 2009

Well, I dunno. Apparently it’s up in the air at the moment according to google.

But Dewald Botha is trying to claim the fame for entirely selfish reasons (something about a SEO prize??). For a brief moment he pipped the Brad Fallon and the Justin Hartman (no links, cause that’s not fair to Dewald, and that makes him a sad panda apparently)

Link to the bloody oke if you care, he said he would hurt me if I don’t ask (but I am sure you don’t care about either point anyway)

Oh and visit his stupid website http://coolestguyontheinternet.com/ because he is slipping down the ranking quick because he had illegal pages up at the wikipedia and the hubpages and they finally caught wind.

If anything it should be funny to see if he wins, in which cause he may buy us all a beer, but I doubt it because he is also a poor panda getting married on top of being a sad panda, which has nothing to do with the panda in Kung Fu panda but that panda was a funny panda, so I just wanted to mention it.


4 Responses to “Who’s the coolest guy on the internet?”

  1. Dewald Botha Says:

    Mightily obliged – the beer thing may also still be up in the air šŸ™‚

  2. justinhartman Says:

    That’s not fair linking to Dewald and not to me… hmm… I see how we roll upstairs :/

  3. I definitely think Dewald (from the sounds of things) has taken this hands down with his site (http://coolestguyontheinternet.com/). Was there a clear layout of the rules or did it merely state that the first person to occupy the #1 spot for the phrase “coolest guy on the internet” on Google. In which case I’m pretty sure Dewald kncked off Brad Fallon for the whole of yesterday (occupying the #1 spot). Gratz Dewald!

  4. Conrad Says:

    Hey Hermann, imho Dewald should be the winner, however interpretation of the rules may vary depending on where you are sitting on the rankings today. šŸ™‚

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