Creepy Ad, Tech or Coincidence?

June 1, 2008

A recent post on Techcrunch retells the story of one particular individuals “creepy” experience with a ad placed on his profile page that seems to “match” his sunglasses on the particular profile pic in current use.

Erick Schonfeld poses the question whether this is a coincident or’s previously demonstrated technology in play.

My gut feel is that unless there is some particular special reason why they want to/can match random things in profile pic’s and facebook has catered to them for this purpose, as the standard target ad builder which only allows you to use certain profile items (age, location, interest) as matches, then no.

In order to utilize the likeness search tech, that ad on facebook is going to have to have a pretty decent plugin to the facebook backend and you are going to start getting some performance issues as a likeness search can’t be a particularly fast thing to do.

No I rather suggest this is a massive coincidence based on some other interest expressed by Mr. Bearden in his profile. (Yes, they kinda know you better than you think) Perhaps he expressed an interest in the Topgun movie, Magnum P.I, or he is a fan of cocktails (which matches well with other topgun/tom cruise fans, which lead to aviation sunglasses). Lol


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